So I wanted to talk about City of Grande Prairie 2018 Taxes

Increases of 17.5% on the Sutton Office, just under $5000 extra dollars per year on one property!

Industrial properties – increase 40.4% per year! Used to be $903 / month now $1,268/month on 2 properties

2018 budget Dec 2017 In the comments it said there will be a 2% tax increase in 2018, which means the average home $360,000 will go up 69$ per year.

Industrial properties compare to the amount of 126 Residential homes.

Sutton office equates 64 residential homes.

Businesses are being TAXED TO DEATH!

I don’t know where they get the 2.57%

We need to be heard! It is unacceptable. I want to hear your opinons.

I want you to like it, I want you to share it! Engage!